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Sunday, March 31, 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

Human beings often tend to be uncertain about their future. They fear unforeseen disasters and untoward things happening to them in the future and all these fears tend to make them feel insecure. This factor creates in them the curiosity to know about their future. The statement that palmistry has transformed into a science is an overstatement. Neither is it a science and nor is it an art. Moreover, it is also not a branch of occult science as it is touted to be. On the contrary palmistry has been described by those who believe in Islam as mere guess-work or speculation. The gullible people are often taken for a ride by the palmists. For the sake of argument, if we do believe that palmistry has some truth to it then I wonder why people meet with accidents or why do people fall prey to diseases? I mean to say that if the palm readers claim to know about the future of people, then how can any person face a mishap in life and why do so many accidents occur?

I had seen a column in a magazine where the readers submit their birth related information and seek advice from the astrologers about their future. It implies that the astrologer will tell the readers about impending dangers and then offer suggestions to thwart those dangers. The column was named as Future wise. I wonder how wise can human beings become when, after all, they have been sent to this world to be put to test by their Creator? When we cannot change or influence the time and place of our birth and death then how can we change anything in between? If there is something powerful enough to change our destiny then it is supplication. Here are a couple of ahadith which prove this fact:

Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said, ‘Nothing can change the Qadar except for prayer’. The Arabic word ‘Qadar’ means the Divine Decree or preordainment. It means that everything that occurs is subject to the Will of Allah (swt) and the only thing with which a person can change his destiny is by praying to Allah (swt).
Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said, ‘Prayer benefits in the things that have occurred and even in things that have not yet occurred. The calamity comes down but the prayer confronts it and they may continuously wrestle until the Doomsday’. (Reported by Al-Hakim)
Suppose a person has no hands due to some congenital disability or amputation then would a palmist say that the person has no destiny at all?
The people who consult the palmists or astrologers think that they can avert any impending crisis in their life. I shall narrate two anecdotes to prove that such people are living in a fool’s paradise.

Once I happened to come across a palmist who had an experience of around two decades, in this field. He narrated an incident which left me wondering about the utility of this profession. He had got a rough idea from somewhere that he would be badly hurt the next day. So he took all the precautions that he could in order to avert the impending danger. In order to keep himself safe he decided not to move outside his house. However, as fate would have it, there was a power cut and since it got extremely hot inside the house, he went and sat outside his door, on a chair. Soon enough a huge stone came tumbling down from a nearby construction site and he got a deep gash on his shoulder. So despite having a faint idea that he would soon get badly hurt, the palmist could do nothing to protect himself. So how can anyone take any precautions when an experienced astrologer is unable to do so himself?

There is another interesting anecdote which depicts that a person cannot control his or her destiny no matter what. An astrologer once predicted about a girl that she marry outside her caste. This left the family completely dazed because they were quite conservative and could not imagine that a girl from their family would break the family norms. Consequently, the girl’s family tried their level best in keeping her away from the people who belonged to the particular caste, where she was predicted to get married to. Ultimately, they got her married to someone who belonged to their own caste. Unfortunately things did not work out between them and the girl got involved in a bitter court battle with her husband to get a divorce. She finally managed to get through with her divorce with the help of a good lawyer. This lawyer eventually became her husband and yes, he belonged to a different caste. So even if the predictions of the palmists or astrologers turn out to be true, (once in a while like the weather forecasts made by the meteorological department) no amount of precautions can change what is destined to happen by the Will of Allah (swt).

So, instead of depending on the palmists or soothsayers, who are themselves subject to the vagaries of destiny, we should rather focus our energies towards prayers and we should depend on Allah (swt) instead.

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