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Sunday, March 31, 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

In our day to day life we often come across people who read their daily horoscopes quite religiously. They tend to believe whatever they find written about their zodiac sign in the tabloids and some find it simply fun and irresistible. Alas! Such avid readers of the horoscopes do not realize that quite often there tends to be some problem in the newspaper offices due to which they print the same old horoscope which they might have printed maybe a few months back. The gullible readers, on the other hand, believe that what they are reading is their horoscope for the day and savor each word that they read.

Likewise, it is found that the soothsayers show keen interest in their clients who belong to the upper class. However, if they come across
a client cannot afford to pay them through their nose, then the soothsayers lose interest in such clients, instantly. This also shows that the main objective of the fortune tellers, whether they are a palm reader or an astrologer, is to make money.

Incidentally, palmistry had originated in India around 5000 years ago as a form of personality counseling. However, with the passage of time it gradually got transformed into fortune telling, by reading the lines of the palms. What could have possibly led to this transformation? Here’s a guess. During the festive season the demand for milk and milk products shoots up so much that the newspapers are full of stories of adulteration, food poisoning etc. Apparently, when the sweetmeat shop owners realize that the supply of the sweetmeats will not be able to meet the high demands, they resort to adulteration. So basically, when people demand more than there is to offer, the result is often drastic. This might also have been the case with palmistry. Some people are quite obsessed with the idea of knowing about their future beforehand. The demand to know more than just their personality traits might have pressurized the ancient palmists to start predicting the future also.

Now the question arises that how can a palmist predict about anyone’s future when the future is not known to anyone besides Allah (swt)? What is the need for the palmists to shoot in the dark and mislead innocent people? Even if the palmists or the soothsayers manage to sneak some information about the future then how can they change the destiny of a person, which has been inscribed in the Preserved Tablet i.e. Loh-e-Mehfuz? The palmists cannot help out a person in any way because it is only though prayers that the destiny can change for the better. In such a case, what is the point in reading other’s hands? Obviously it is because they want to churn out money by misleading the people who believe in this evil practice. Since it takes two hands to clap so it is not just the palmists who are at fault, for duping the people but those who overestimate the palmists and expect them to know about the Unseen future, are to be blamed equally too.

Allah (swt) says in the Holy Quran:
“O people! Shall I tell you upon whom the Satans come down? They come down upon every sinning forgerer. They whisper hearsay into ears and most of them are liars’. (TMQ-26:221-223).

So in the light of this verse we can say that the so-called fortune tellers, whether palmists, geomancers or shell-diviners, who claim to possess the knowledge about the Unseen; actually depend on the evil jinn. These jinn manage to overhear the conversations between the angels. So they get some idea about the future happenings through eavesdropping. They pass on the information, which they gather, into the ears of their friends, i.e. the fortune tellers and ultimately, the information reaches the gullible clients after a lot of lies have been added to it.
So who would like to pay huge fees to the palmists to hear all sorts of lies and fabrications from them about one’s future?

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